Biozone air purifier features

This basically means that such an ozone generator cannot control the output of ozone at safe limits. Therefore some agencies claim to have introduced a new method in ozone concentration control.

Biozone air purifier features

The method does not allow the concentrations of ozone in the indoor air to exceed recommended, safe levels. It is based on the principle that the biozone air purifier reduces the amount of ozone being produced automatically, thereby keeping the concentration at low levels with no hazard to human health. Manufacturers who produce biozone air purifiers without ozone sensors have recommendations at which such devices should be only used in a certain size of a room. There could be hazardous effects on health if the consumer decides to use such a biozone air purifier in a smaller room, since ozone accumulation would exceed safe levels without a doubt.

There have been also some modifications introduced by some agencies in the process of an ozone generation. A primary corona discharge (high voltage electricity) method is used in most biozone air purifiers, while other manufacturers start implementing ultraviolet lamps in the production of photolic ozone. Additionally, ultraviolet lamps also provide ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). This process is used in special ultraviolet light air purifiers enabling them to remove harmful bacteria, mold and viruses; thereby providing an efficient infection spread control in the indoor air.

Advantages and disadvantages

It is important to know that like all the machines, biozone air purifiers have both advantages and disadvantages. Despite all the disadvantages ozone air purification systems have been used for many decades in air cleaning devices. They have been established to be efficient in their function, cost effective, low energy use and low maintenance requirements. Biozone air purifiers are suitable for commercial and private purposes, where air purification is needed. These devices are more than ideal for the elimination of room odor. Since biozone air purifiers could cause many side effects, it is important to use these machines with high precaution. An ozone sensor is a must in all the models, despite excessive price. Then a biozone air purifier can be a helpful tool in cleaning the indoor air from various airborne contaminants.

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