Friedrich air purifiers

Friedrich Air Conditioning Co. was founded in 1883 in the United States. Its main aim was to keep high standards and best quality of products. The company is now located in San Antonio, Texas and specializes in a wide range of air treatment devices. It is a well-known name for air conditioners or air cleaners. Friedrich Air Conditioning Co. has lot to offer for residential, commercial and even government purposes. The fact that it works for the U.S. government shows the company to be trustworthy. Customers, who live abroad, can also purchase one of the company’s products. Friedrich Air Conditioning Co. offers a wide variety of air conditioners and air purifiers ; one of the most popular is an electronic air cleaner.

Friedrich C-90A air purifier

Electronic air cleaners use electrostatic power to charge airborne particles in the indoor air. The simplest form is an ion generator that produces a large amount of negatively charged ions that are released into the air. These negatively charged ions can then attach to the allergens, dust, pollen, mold, cigarette smoke, bacteria and viruses. The pollutant particles become heavier and fall out from the air, or can be stirred back into the filter by a fan. In more sophisticated electronic air cleaners an electrostatic power is used to charge the airborne particles. These then are trapped on appositively charged metal plates in the electrostatic precipitator. Such electrostatic precipitators do not hold of a filter and therefore none of the parts must be replaced. However, the metal plates are to be washed on a regular basis in order to achieve best results. One of the best examples of such air cleaning devices is Friedrich C-90A. It is an electrostatic precipitator used for residential or commercial purposes. This type of an air purifier eliminates most of airborne particles from dust and mold, to bacteria and viruses, therefore is suitable for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

Electronic air purifier

A filterless device maintains the whole air cleaning process, but an additional carbon filter is used in order to neutralize odors and gases. However, those who are extremely sensitive to irritant airborne allergens or have hypersensitivity to chemical compounds should consider buying a HEPA air purifier rather than Friedrich C-90A, as only HEPA air cleaning device can remove chemical substances via adsorption. An electrostatic air precipitator contains of a pre-filter, two oppositively charged plates, a fan and a carbon filter. A pre-filter traps all the larger particles, like hair, dander and dust, and they cannot enter the device. The first plate works as an electrostatic power generator that charges airborne particles in the airflow, which then enter a collector plate. A collector plate has a reverse polarity to charged particles and hence all allergens are left in a collector plate. A fan makes the cleaned air flow into the room through a carbon filter mat. The carbon filter mat is used to neutralize odors, vapors and gases. Friedrich C-90A has a lot of advantages compared to other air purifiers. It can be purchased in a portable form. This electronic air cleaner has a large coverage area and hence is suitable for a full house indoor air cleaning. Its coverage area is from 480 to 600 sq. ft. The device is relatively small and easy to move, therefore can be placed anywhere in a room.

Friedrich C-90A features

The only rule is that no obstacles should stay in the airflow, hence Friedrich C-90A should be placed at least 20 centimeters from the wall or furniture. Since this electronic air cleaner has no mechanical filter and resistance to airflow is minimal, it works very quietly. Its noise level at different working regime reaches from 40 to 55 decibels. Due to its quiet work Friedrich C-90A is suitable in bedrooms or baby’s rooms. The device is easy to maintain. The plates in the air cleaner should be washed on a regular basis to assure optimal performance in indoor air cleaning. One can put the plates from the air cleaner into a dishwasher or can wash them by hand if desired. Only soap and water is needed to wash the collection plates. The frequency of washing sessions depends on how often the plates are used and how contaminated is the environment.

Friedrich C-90A air purifier price

The main principle is to keep the plates clean and free of particles build-up for an efficient use. Sometimes it can be once weekly, sometimes once monthly should be enough. The price of Friedrich C-90A may very according to different retail prices from $500 to $700. It is a reasonably low price compared to other air purifiers. The device requires low maintenance and it takes only from $80 to $100 a year for a replacement of activated carbon mats. Friedrich C-90A has high Clean Air Delivery Ratings (CADR) that proves to the consumer the efficiency of the device. CADR indicate how much air is cleaned from contaminants and how much of it is returned back to a room. CADR are measured for different common pollutants separately. The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers has measured 325 for dust, 300 for cigarette smoke and 375 for pollen for Friedrich air cleaner . Since Friedrich C-90A has been long enough in the market it has proven its effectiveness in performance. Its easy maintenance and low-energy needs have made this electronic air cleaning device one of the most popular air treatment technologies among customers in the United States and abroad.

Austin air purifier

Richard Taylor, who is still a president of the company, founded Austin Air Limited 5 decades ago. His wife had continuous breathing problems and although she asked for many doctors help, none of them was able to advise and stop her sufferings. Richard Taylor realized that his wife’s problem was polluted air she was breathing. He then started to build his first air cleaner that solved his wife’s health problems. It was the beginning of a successful company which products helped many people to breathe easier. Austin Air Limited is America’s number one manufacturer of high quality air purifiers .

Austin air purifier

Austin Air Limited has always been a company that managed to be the first in introducing new products, such as energy efficient PSC motors that lower energy costs by over 50%. They were the first to attach zeolite and solid activated carbon to efficient HEPA filters . There is a variety of products that are manufactured in the United States by Austin Air Ltd. None of the parts of air purifiers offered by the company are produced outside Austin Air purifier  which guarantees a high quality, efficiency and long life of air cleaners. Another advantage of air purifiers produced by this particular company is that they offer a 30-day refund guarantee, a 5-year warranty and a 5-year guarantee on each filter. Such air purifiers have the highest airflow that makes them more effective in the air cleaning process. Products manufactured by Austin Air Ltd. are efficient in removing both airborne pollutants and odors or gases. Pollen, mold, dust, cigarette smoke, bacteria and viruses are eliminated thanks to the HEPA filter, the highest effectiveness air filter. Gases and odors are efficiently neutralized by activated carbon and zeolite in the air purifier. These two functions make Austin Air purifiers very efficient.

Healthmate air purifier

The best-known trademark offered by Austin Air Ltd. is a Healthmate branch. A Healthmate air purifier was the first product made by Austin Air Ltd. It can be used both for residential and commercial purposes in order to remove most of the allergens as well as to neutralize odors and chemical vapors. Healthmate Jr. is smaller than the first one, has a smaller coverage area, and hence is best for using in single rooms, especially bedrooms. If you are sensitive or allergic to chemicals Healthmate+ is the best choice for you. It has an additional technology in an air purifier enabling it to remove dangerous volatile organic substances from the air. If you need an air purifier only in a single room or an area of 700 sq. ft. size, you should choose Healthmate Jr.+. It has the same properties in removing volatile chemical compounds but has a smaller coverage area than Healthmate+. Allergy Machine has a HEGA (high efficiency gas adsorption) filter. It is almost as efficient asHEPA and is also good in eliminating gases from the indoor air.

Allergy Machine Jr. air purifier

Those who suffer from allergies should consider buying this particular air-purifying device. There is also a smaller version of this product, called Allergy Machine Jr. with a coverage area of 700 sq. ft. Since babies and children are extremely sensitive to indoor air pollution, Austin Air Ltd. designed an air purifier especially for them. If you care about your baby’s health and wish to assure his easier breath, you should think of getting this particular air purifier. Austin Air Ltd. has an experience of many decades in manufacturing efficient air purifiers that have been changed according to customer’s advice. The company also has a research and development department, which makes them able to introduce the newest technologies into the market. So many customers worldwide have experienced advantages of the clean indoor air provided by Austin Air products. It is your choice to be one of them.

Air-O-Swiss air purifiers

Air-O-Swiss is a company that manufactures a wide variety of air purifying devices . It is a Swiss company, founded a few decades ago. During the years the company grew and successfully introduced new products into the market. They also opened a branch in the Czech Republic and now all the products are being constructed in a factory there. The expansion into another country has lowered production costs, and therefore customers are able to buy products of Swiss precision but for a much lower price. The company offers different products, such as very efficient but more expensive HEPA air purifiers .

Air-O-Swiss air purifier

Another branch of Air-O-Swiss products is a combination of air cleaners or air washers and air humidifiers. They are cheaper and not that effective in cleaning the air as HEPA air purifiers . Air humidifiers and air washers are perfect in eliminating dust, mold and other larger particles. Another advantage is humidity control of the indoor air. These air humidifiers are available for homes and offices and may be also recommended for people with respiratory disorders as an extra unit to a HEPA air-cleaning device. They may be also helpful to people who are interested in humidity control of their indoor air in both offices and homes. AOS 2055 is a combination of an air washer and an air humidifier. It controls the humidity of the indoor air and cleans most of the pollutants by adding it to the water in a device. It has a low maintenance and energy costs, works quietly and is relatively cheap. However, it is not suitable for customers who suffer from asthma or other respiratory diseases, but may be an additional device toHEPA air filter.

AOS 2061 HEPA air purifier

AOS 2061 is a high quality HEPA air purifier. It has a HEPA filter for removal of airborne allergens and an activated carbon mat for odor and gases control. It suits best customers with asthma or allergy, since the effectiveness in removal of various airborne pollutants is unbelievably high. However, this device is more expensive than the first one and requires periodic change of filters in order to assure the best air cleaning results in the room.

AOS 2071 HEPA air purifier

AOS 2071 is a product that combines both air cleaning function, provided by HEPA air filter and an activated carbon mat, and air humidity control, provided by an air humidifier. It is the best product for those who want a high quality of indoor air and a humidity control at the optimum level. Such an efficient device is suitable either for asthma sufferers or customers with no respiratory symptoms. The device exchanges the air 5 times per hour, removes almost all the allergens and adds humidity to the indoor air. This is a good choice for people who enjoy aromatherapy, since the device also has a capsule with relaxing and healing essential oils. And you won’t have to worry aboutthe noise . AOS 2071 is so quiet that you will even forget about it. All these products are available online. You will only have to choose which one fulfills your own needs and requirements best.

IQAir air purifier

The first IQAir air purification system was designed and introduced in Europe in 1994. It took 4 years for a joined group of German and Swiss scientists and air filtration specialists to construct a totally different kind of an air purifier . Since the year 2000 IQAir air purifiers have become known for their precision and high quality in cleaning the air from various airborne particles. Since 2002 IQAir purifiers have been manufactured with H13 class certified HEPA filters that are incorporated in the air purifiers.HEPA filters are the world’s best air purifiers providing a high efficiency air cleaning methods. HEPA abbreviation stands for “high efficiency particulate air”. HEPA is a registered trademark and a generic term for very effective air purifiers. The device is able to remove from the air up to 99.97% of all airborne particles, such as dust, mold, pollen, bacteria and viruses with a size of 0.3 microns and larger. It can also neutralize room odor and eliminate cigarette smoke.

IQAir air purifier

H13 class certified HEPA filter is one of the most efficient air filters of a kind. It had been used in multimillion dollar clean-rooms until it was incorporated into IQAir air purifiers for regular customers use both for commercial and residential, private purposes. H13 class certified HEPA filter enables an IQAir air purifier to eliminate up to 100 times more airborne particles than regular HEPA air cleaning device. Even more, IQAir purification systems are claimed to clear the air from various allergens with a size of 0.01 microns with close to 99% effectiveness. This cannot be done by any other air cleaning device, which makes IQAir air purifiers the world’s best in air cleaning providing the indoor air free of bacteria, viruses, pollen, mold, dust, cigarette smoke and many others. High efficiency IQAir purification systems have been used widely around the world in residential areas, commercial buildings and hospitals to clean the indoor air from various pollutants. As the IQAir air-purifying device is very effective in eliminating the indoor air allergens, it is popular especially among people who suffer from allergies and other respiratory diseases.

IQAir purifier features

The American Lung Association recommends IQAir air purifiers to people who suffer from allergies, asthma, congestive obstructive pulmonary disease and other respiratory tract disorders. Additionally,IQAir air purifying systems have been recognized as the most effective air cleaning devices for fighting the spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome or SARS, a dangerous respiratory infection caused by a new coronavirus for which there was no specific antiviral treatment. IQAir air purifiers are also able to clean the indoor air from cigarette smoke and neutralize different odors; therefore they are used in bars, cafes, nightclubs and restaurants. Since they are portable, easy to use, quiet and energy efficient, IQAir air cleaning devices are more than ideal for private homes, schools and other residential facilities. In medical and pharmaceutical facilities these devices are used in a not-portable mode but are being incorporated in the ceilings, walls of the buildings. The indoor air is said to be a 90% more contaminated with various airborne pollutants than the outdoor air. It makes life of individuals who suffer from allergies or asthma difficult if no air-cleaning device is used in indoor facilities. IQAir air purification systems are indispensable for an effective allergy control.

How to choose the best IQAir air purifier

There are a lot of manufacturers who offer different IQAir air purifiers and therefore it might be difficult to customers to choose the best of them. The main hints in choosing the most suitable IQAir air purification device are high overall effectiveness of the air cleaner and high air delivery. It is highly important to know that no airborne particles and pathogens should be released from the air-cleaning device. Water use in the air-cleaning device reduces the efficiency of such a device, since water induces the growth of mold in the filter. An air purifier should also allow the flow of pollen-free air from the outside, which is especially vital to individuals who suffer from pollen allergy. And finally,the best air purifier should be easy to use and have a low noise level .

Advantages of IQAir air purifier

It is very attractive to customers that IQAir air purifiers have a 5-year warranty, which proves a high quality of a product. Luckily, most of IQAir air purifiers can eliminate airborne particles and pathogens faster and to a lower level than regular air cleaning devices. IQAir air purifying systems can remove not only dust, pollen, mold and other particles but also various bacteria and viruses. This is a big advantage of the device in infection-spread control. Individuals, who suffer from asthma, might also need an efficient control of gaseous pollutants and odors, since these individuals might also be sensitized with gaseous allergens and odors. Two different IQAir air purifiers are to be used then, in order to provide the best control of both organic allergens and gaseous contaminants. IQAir air purifiers are used also in commercial objects due to their high efficiency in removing dust, mold, pollen, bacteria and odors. A cigarette smoke control is needed in most cafes and restaurants as well as in bars and nightclubs, and IQAir air purifiers are indispensable there. IQAir air purifiers guaranty a Swiss precision and American work efficiency. It is exceptional that every single air filter used in IQAir air purifier is manufactured and not bought from mass-market suppliers. Therefore every filter of the kind is tested in the factory for quality and efficiency, and only then is released into market to make sure that the air cleaner performs precisely as promised. All IQAir air purifiers have the ability to set the device go on and off automatically, which makes them easy to use. When the price of a product is concerned, it is not the cheapest air cleaning device but IQAir air purifier offers the most value for a spent amount of money. All the mentioned advantages of IQAir air purifiers make them also available for residential environments to provide a cleaner, free of airborne pollutants and allergens indoor air. Not all the air purifiers are the same.

TrueAir air purifiers

Founded more than a hundred years, the company is America’s number one distributor of small kitchen appliances. Its products are sold in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Among other brands, owned by the company, TrueAir is a brand well known for air purifiers , allergen reducers and humidifiers. Although the company specializes mostly in electronic kitchen appliances and kitchen tools, its air treatment devices are well known in the United States and abroad. TrueAir air purifiers guarantee the highest quality of your indoor air due to combination of a few different techniques, such as a HEPA filter , an activated carbon filter mat and an UV light .

TrueAir air purifier

Another part of a TrueAir air-cleaning device is an activated carbon pre-filter mat, which is used in eliminating the indoor gases and odors. The air flows through the mat and all the possible odors are efficiently removed there. The air that enters a room is clean and contains no irritating odor. A germicidalUV light is used both in hospitals to prevent infections and can be used at homes to kill dangerous bacteria, mold and viruses. UV light is lethal to airborne microorganisms. It stops them from reproduction and hence prevents the spread of airborne infection. This is extremely important to people who have respiratory symptoms, such as asthma, allergies or recurrent respiratory infections, and those whose immune system is not resistant enough to the environmental microorganisms. The company offers a wide range of air purifiers that come in a different size and different coverage areas, as well as different speeds.

TrueAir air purifier size

A TrueAir 04471 air purifier is one of the smallest air cleaning devices available. It is easy to move around in a house. It contains of a HEPA filter, an activated carbon pre-filter and a germicidal UV light. It has a coverage area of 110 sq. ft. and 3 speeds. Such an air purifier is suitable for bedrooms, baby’s rooms or nurseries. A TrueAir 04610 has a coverage area of 200 sq. ft. A combination of a HEPA filter, a carbon pre-filter and a germicidal UV light gives high Clean Air Delivery Rates (CADR). CADR is one of the factors that help consumers to choose the most efficient air purifier possible. Another model, constructed for bigger rooms or homes is a TrueAir 04481 air purifier. It contains of the same parts as the models mentioned above but its coverage area is 250 sq. ft. It is more suitable for offices or hospitals. A TrueAir 04161 air purifier has a coverage area of 180 sq. ft. It is highly recommended to people who care about their children’s health. Children and babies are extremely sensitive to indoor air pollution; therefore they need a better protection. A TrueAir 04161 is exactly what you need for your baby. The device is designed to meet every baby’s needs.

TrueAir air purifier features

Three speeds of all TrueAir air purifiers provide a quiet work of the devices. A red light indicates the indoor air quality. A HEPA filter and an activated carbon pre-filter is easy to change and replace. The grill is easily washed with the soap and water. Even though TrueAir air purifiers are very efficient and are recommended especially to people, who suffer from asthma and other respiratory diseases, customers should be aware that these air-purifying devices require high maintenance. In addition to air purifiers the company offers allergen reducers. These are highly offered to people who suffer from different allergies. These devices have filters that clean the indoor air from various allergens, such as pet dander, dust, and pollen and mold spores. These allergen reducers also come together with air humidifiers, which wash the air and control its humidity. Since the company has a lot to offer to customers, it is a hard job to find the best air-cleaning device for one’s home. The coverage area, noise levels and the Clean Air Delivery Rates should help anybody choosing an air purifier that meets one’s requirements best.

TrueAir air puifier price

Prices of TrueAir air purifiers differ with the model, the size of a model and its coverage area. The price ranges between $200 and $300.. Also a HEPA filter should be changed at least 5 times a year and cost $100-$150 each. The carbon pre-filter replacement costs additionally from $80 to $100 per year.

No matter the price, TrueAir air purifiers are especially popular among those who can afford a more expensive but much more efficient air purifier. Like they say, buying cheap things does not pay off. Get a TrueAir air purifier and enjoy healthy home environment provided by highly efficient air-cleaning devices.