TrueAir air purifiers

Founded more than a hundred years, the company is America’s number one distributor of small kitchen appliances. Its products are sold in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Among other brands, owned by the company, TrueAir is a brand well known for air purifiers , allergen reducers and humidifiers. Although the company specializes mostly in electronic kitchen appliances and kitchen tools, its air treatment devices are well known in the United States and abroad. TrueAir air purifiers guarantee the highest quality of your indoor air due to combination of a few different techniques, such as a HEPA filter , an activated carbon filter mat and an UV light .

TrueAir air purifier

Another part of a TrueAir air-cleaning device is an activated carbon pre-filter mat, which is used in eliminating the indoor gases and odors. The air flows through the mat and all the possible odors are efficiently removed there. The air that enters a room is clean and contains no irritating odor. A germicidalUV light is used both in hospitals to prevent infections and can be used at homes to kill dangerous bacteria, mold and viruses. UV light is lethal to airborne microorganisms. It stops them from reproduction and hence prevents the spread of airborne infection. This is extremely important to people who have respiratory symptoms, such as asthma, allergies or recurrent respiratory infections, and those whose immune system is not resistant enough to the environmental microorganisms. The company offers a wide range of air purifiers that come in a different size and different coverage areas, as well as different speeds.

TrueAir air purifier size

A TrueAir 04471 air purifier is one of the smallest air cleaning devices available. It is easy to move around in a house. It contains of a HEPA filter, an activated carbon pre-filter and a germicidal UV light. It has a coverage area of 110 sq. ft. and 3 speeds. Such an air purifier is suitable for bedrooms, baby’s rooms or nurseries. A TrueAir 04610 has a coverage area of 200 sq. ft. A combination of a HEPA filter, a carbon pre-filter and a germicidal UV light gives high Clean Air Delivery Rates (CADR). CADR is one of the factors that help consumers to choose the most efficient air purifier possible. Another model, constructed for bigger rooms or homes is a TrueAir 04481 air purifier. It contains of the same parts as the models mentioned above but its coverage area is 250 sq. ft. It is more suitable for offices or hospitals. A TrueAir 04161 air purifier has a coverage area of 180 sq. ft. It is highly recommended to people who care about their children’s health. Children and babies are extremely sensitive to indoor air pollution; therefore they need a better protection. A TrueAir 04161 is exactly what you need for your baby. The device is designed to meet every baby’s needs.

TrueAir air purifier features

Three speeds of all TrueAir air purifiers provide a quiet work of the devices. A red light indicates the indoor air quality. A HEPA filter and an activated carbon pre-filter is easy to change and replace. The grill is easily washed with the soap and water. Even though TrueAir air purifiers are very efficient and are recommended especially to people, who suffer from asthma and other respiratory diseases, customers should be aware that these air-purifying devices require high maintenance. In addition to air purifiers the company offers allergen reducers. These are highly offered to people who suffer from different allergies. These devices have filters that clean the indoor air from various allergens, such as pet dander, dust, and pollen and mold spores. These allergen reducers also come together with air humidifiers, which wash the air and control its humidity. Since the company has a lot to offer to customers, it is a hard job to find the best air-cleaning device for one’s home. The coverage area, noise levels and the Clean Air Delivery Rates should help anybody choosing an air purifier that meets one’s requirements best.

TrueAir air puifier price

Prices of TrueAir air purifiers differ with the model, the size of a model and its coverage area. The price ranges between $200 and $300.. Also a HEPA filter should be changed at least 5 times a year and cost $100-$150 each. The carbon pre-filter replacement costs additionally from $80 to $100 per year.

No matter the price, TrueAir air purifiers are especially popular among those who can afford a more expensive but much more efficient air purifier. Like they say, buying cheap things does not pay off. Get a TrueAir air purifier and enjoy healthy home environment provided by highly efficient air-cleaning devices.

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