Air purifier price

Air purifiers differ each from another in types and brands. Air cleaner types depend on the manner and method that is used in order to clean the air from various airborne pollutants. Various companies produce different brands of air cleaning devices. The cost and price of each air cleaner depends very much on the type, efficacy, size, coverage area and brand of the device. In addition, retail prices of the same air purifier may vary from dealer to dealer.

Ozone air purifier price

Ozone air purifiers , with ozone used in them, are best to be chosen to clean the areas from microorganisms and fungi. Ozone also has deodorizing properties and therefore ozone generators can eliminate unpleasant odors of indoor areas.

Biozone air purifiers cost:

Size Price
500 sq. ft. device $150 – $200
1000 sq. ft. device $230 – $250
2000 sq. ft. device $280 – $300
3000 sq. ft. device $300 – $350

UV air purifier price

UV air purifiers use UV light to eliminate various pollutants from the indoor air. Various brand names are known which use ultraviolet light alone or, most frequently, in combination with other filters, such as HEPA or carbon filters.

Combined air cleaners of UV light, HEPA and carbon filters cost from $450 to $600 depending on the brand and area coverage.

True Air UV filter price range: $114$200

Ionic air purifier cost

Ionic air purifiers generate negatively charged ions which then attach to airborne particles and eliminate the following from the air. The best known brand name for this type of air purifying devices is Friedrich . Price range for Friedrich air purifier: $400$550

The price of Friedrich Air purifiers depend upon the model of the device. Most Friedrich ionisers have a coverage area of 465 sq. ft.

HEPA air purifier cost

HEPA air purifiers are known for their high air cleaning properties. They are considered to be the most efficient type of air cleaning method these days. HEPA filters eliminate almost all the airborne particles, such as dust, mold, pollen, volatile gases, various microorganisms and cigarette smoke. There are various companies that produce HEPA air purifiers :

Air purifier brand  Price
Air-O-Swiss HEPA air purifier $350 – $450
Austin Air HEPA air purifier $450 – $550
IQAir HEPA air purifier $600 – $1500
TrueAir HEPA air purifier with UV germicidal lamp $180 – $300

Those, who wish to buy a HEPA air purifier, should remember that maintenance and change of filters would cost approximately $80$100 per year.

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