Friedrich air purifiers

Friedrich Air Conditioning Co. was founded in 1883 in the United States. Its main aim was to keep high standards and best quality of products. The company is now located in San Antonio, Texas and specializes in a wide range of air treatment devices. It is a well-known name for air conditioners or air cleaners. Friedrich Air Conditioning Co. has lot to offer for residential, commercial and even government purposes. The fact that it works for the U.S. government shows the company to be trustworthy. Customers, who live abroad, can also purchase one of the company’s products. Friedrich Air Conditioning Co. offers a wide variety of air conditioners and air purifiers ; one of the most popular is an electronic air cleaner.

Friedrich C-90A air purifier

Electronic air cleaners use electrostatic power to charge airborne particles in the indoor air. The simplest form is an ion generator that produces a large amount of negatively charged ions that are released into the air. These negatively charged ions can then attach to the allergens, dust, pollen, mold, cigarette smoke, bacteria and viruses. The pollutant particles become heavier and fall out from the air, or can be stirred back into the filter by a fan. In more sophisticated electronic air cleaners an electrostatic power is used to charge the airborne particles. These then are trapped on appositively charged metal plates in the electrostatic precipitator. Such electrostatic precipitators do not hold of a filter and therefore none of the parts must be replaced. However, the metal plates are to be washed on a regular basis in order to achieve best results. One of the best examples of such air cleaning devices is Friedrich C-90A. It is an electrostatic precipitator used for residential or commercial purposes. This type of an air purifier eliminates most of airborne particles from dust and mold, to bacteria and viruses, therefore is suitable for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

Electronic air purifier

A filterless device maintains the whole air cleaning process, but an additional carbon filter is used in order to neutralize odors and gases. However, those who are extremely sensitive to irritant airborne allergens or have hypersensitivity to chemical compounds should consider buying a HEPA air purifier rather than Friedrich C-90A, as only HEPA air cleaning device can remove chemical substances via adsorption. An electrostatic air precipitator contains of a pre-filter, two oppositively charged plates, a fan and a carbon filter. A pre-filter traps all the larger particles, like hair, dander and dust, and they cannot enter the device. The first plate works as an electrostatic power generator that charges airborne particles in the airflow, which then enter a collector plate. A collector plate has a reverse polarity to charged particles and hence all allergens are left in a collector plate. A fan makes the cleaned air flow into the room through a carbon filter mat. The carbon filter mat is used to neutralize odors, vapors and gases. Friedrich C-90A has a lot of advantages compared to other air purifiers. It can be purchased in a portable form. This electronic air cleaner has a large coverage area and hence is suitable for a full house indoor air cleaning. Its coverage area is from 480 to 600 sq. ft. The device is relatively small and easy to move, therefore can be placed anywhere in a room.

Friedrich C-90A features

The only rule is that no obstacles should stay in the airflow, hence Friedrich C-90A should be placed at least 20 centimeters from the wall or furniture. Since this electronic air cleaner has no mechanical filter and resistance to airflow is minimal, it works very quietly. Its noise level at different working regime reaches from 40 to 55 decibels. Due to its quiet work Friedrich C-90A is suitable in bedrooms or baby’s rooms. The device is easy to maintain. The plates in the air cleaner should be washed on a regular basis to assure optimal performance in indoor air cleaning. One can put the plates from the air cleaner into a dishwasher or can wash them by hand if desired. Only soap and water is needed to wash the collection plates. The frequency of washing sessions depends on how often the plates are used and how contaminated is the environment.

Friedrich C-90A air purifier price

The main principle is to keep the plates clean and free of particles build-up for an efficient use. Sometimes it can be once weekly, sometimes once monthly should be enough. The price of Friedrich C-90A may very according to different retail prices from $500 to $700. It is a reasonably low price compared to other air purifiers. The device requires low maintenance and it takes only from $80 to $100 a year for a replacement of activated carbon mats. Friedrich C-90A has high Clean Air Delivery Ratings (CADR) that proves to the consumer the efficiency of the device. CADR indicate how much air is cleaned from contaminants and how much of it is returned back to a room. CADR are measured for different common pollutants separately. The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers has measured 325 for dust, 300 for cigarette smoke and 375 for pollen for Friedrich air cleaner . Since Friedrich C-90A has been long enough in the market it has proven its effectiveness in performance. Its easy maintenance and low-energy needs have made this electronic air cleaning device one of the most popular air treatment technologies among customers in the United States and abroad.

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