Air-O-Swiss air purifiers

Air-O-Swiss is a company that manufactures a wide variety of air purifying devices . It is a Swiss company, founded a few decades ago. During the years the company grew and successfully introduced new products into the market. They also opened a branch in the Czech Republic and now all the products are being constructed in a factory there. The expansion into another country has lowered production costs, and therefore customers are able to buy products of Swiss precision but for a much lower price. The company offers different products, such as very efficient but more expensive HEPA air purifiers .

Air-O-Swiss air purifier

Another branch of Air-O-Swiss products is a combination of air cleaners or air washers and air humidifiers. They are cheaper and not that effective in cleaning the air as HEPA air purifiers . Air humidifiers and air washers are perfect in eliminating dust, mold and other larger particles. Another advantage is humidity control of the indoor air. These air humidifiers are available for homes and offices and may be also recommended for people with respiratory disorders as an extra unit to a HEPA air-cleaning device. They may be also helpful to people who are interested in humidity control of their indoor air in both offices and homes. AOS 2055 is a combination of an air washer and an air humidifier. It controls the humidity of the indoor air and cleans most of the pollutants by adding it to the water in a device. It has a low maintenance and energy costs, works quietly and is relatively cheap. However, it is not suitable for customers who suffer from asthma or other respiratory diseases, but may be an additional device toHEPA air filter.

AOS 2061 HEPA air purifier

AOS 2061 is a high quality HEPA air purifier. It has a HEPA filter for removal of airborne allergens and an activated carbon mat for odor and gases control. It suits best customers with asthma or allergy, since the effectiveness in removal of various airborne pollutants is unbelievably high. However, this device is more expensive than the first one and requires periodic change of filters in order to assure the best air cleaning results in the room.

AOS 2071 HEPA air purifier

AOS 2071 is a product that combines both air cleaning function, provided by HEPA air filter and an activated carbon mat, and air humidity control, provided by an air humidifier. It is the best product for those who want a high quality of indoor air and a humidity control at the optimum level. Such an efficient device is suitable either for asthma sufferers or customers with no respiratory symptoms. The device exchanges the air 5 times per hour, removes almost all the allergens and adds humidity to the indoor air. This is a good choice for people who enjoy aromatherapy, since the device also has a capsule with relaxing and healing essential oils. And you won’t have to worry aboutthe noise . AOS 2071 is so quiet that you will even forget about it. All these products are available online. You will only have to choose which one fulfills your own needs and requirements best.

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