Austin air purifier

Richard Taylor, who is still a president of the company, founded Austin Air Limited 5 decades ago. His wife had continuous breathing problems and although she asked for many doctors help, none of them was able to advise and stop her sufferings. Richard Taylor realized that his wife’s problem was polluted air she was breathing. He then started to build his first air cleaner that solved his wife’s health problems. It was the beginning of a successful company which products helped many people to breathe easier. Austin Air Limited is America’s number one manufacturer of high quality air purifiers .

Austin air purifier

Austin Air Limited has always been a company that managed to be the first in introducing new products, such as energy efficient PSC motors that lower energy costs by over 50%. They were the first to attach zeolite and solid activated carbon to efficient HEPA filters . There is a variety of products that are manufactured in the United States by Austin Air Ltd. None of the parts of air purifiers offered by the company are produced outside Austin Air purifier  which guarantees a high quality, efficiency and long life of air cleaners. Another advantage of air purifiers produced by this particular company is that they offer a 30-day refund guarantee, a 5-year warranty and a 5-year guarantee on each filter. Such air purifiers have the highest airflow that makes them more effective in the air cleaning process. Products manufactured by Austin Air Ltd. are efficient in removing both airborne pollutants and odors or gases. Pollen, mold, dust, cigarette smoke, bacteria and viruses are eliminated thanks to the HEPA filter, the highest effectiveness air filter. Gases and odors are efficiently neutralized by activated carbon and zeolite in the air purifier. These two functions make Austin Air purifiers very efficient.

Healthmate air purifier

The best-known trademark offered by Austin Air Ltd. is a Healthmate branch. A Healthmate air purifier was the first product made by Austin Air Ltd. It can be used both for residential and commercial purposes in order to remove most of the allergens as well as to neutralize odors and chemical vapors. Healthmate Jr. is smaller than the first one, has a smaller coverage area, and hence is best for using in single rooms, especially bedrooms. If you are sensitive or allergic to chemicals Healthmate+ is the best choice for you. It has an additional technology in an air purifier enabling it to remove dangerous volatile organic substances from the air. If you need an air purifier only in a single room or an area of 700 sq. ft. size, you should choose Healthmate Jr.+. It has the same properties in removing volatile chemical compounds but has a smaller coverage area than Healthmate+. Allergy Machine has a HEGA (high efficiency gas adsorption) filter. It is almost as efficient asHEPA and is also good in eliminating gases from the indoor air.

Allergy Machine Jr. air purifier

Those who suffer from allergies should consider buying this particular air-purifying device. There is also a smaller version of this product, called Allergy Machine Jr. with a coverage area of 700 sq. ft. Since babies and children are extremely sensitive to indoor air pollution, Austin Air Ltd. designed an air purifier especially for them. If you care about your baby’s health and wish to assure his easier breath, you should think of getting this particular air purifier. Austin Air Ltd. has an experience of many decades in manufacturing efficient air purifiers that have been changed according to customer’s advice. The company also has a research and development department, which makes them able to introduce the newest technologies into the market. So many customers worldwide have experienced advantages of the clean indoor air provided by Austin Air products. It is your choice to be one of them.

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