IQAir air purifier

The first IQAir air purification system was designed and introduced in Europe in 1994. It took 4 years for a joined group of German and Swiss scientists and air filtration specialists to construct a totally different kind of an air purifier . Since the year 2000 IQAir air purifiers have become known for their precision and high quality in cleaning the air from various airborne particles. Since 2002 IQAir purifiers have been manufactured with H13 class certified HEPA filters that are incorporated in the air purifiers.HEPA filters are the world’s best air purifiers providing a high efficiency air cleaning methods. HEPA abbreviation stands for “high efficiency particulate air”. HEPA is a registered trademark and a generic term for very effective air purifiers. The device is able to remove from the air up to 99.97% of all airborne particles, such as dust, mold, pollen, bacteria and viruses with a size of 0.3 microns and larger. It can also neutralize room odor and eliminate cigarette smoke.

IQAir air purifier

H13 class certified HEPA filter is one of the most efficient air filters of a kind. It had been used in multimillion dollar clean-rooms until it was incorporated into IQAir air purifiers for regular customers use both for commercial and residential, private purposes. H13 class certified HEPA filter enables an IQAir air purifier to eliminate up to 100 times more airborne particles than regular HEPA air cleaning device. Even more, IQAir purification systems are claimed to clear the air from various allergens with a size of 0.01 microns with close to 99% effectiveness. This cannot be done by any other air cleaning device, which makes IQAir air purifiers the world’s best in air cleaning providing the indoor air free of bacteria, viruses, pollen, mold, dust, cigarette smoke and many others. High efficiency IQAir purification systems have been used widely around the world in residential areas, commercial buildings and hospitals to clean the indoor air from various pollutants. As the IQAir air-purifying device is very effective in eliminating the indoor air allergens, it is popular especially among people who suffer from allergies and other respiratory diseases.

IQAir purifier features

The American Lung Association recommends IQAir air purifiers to people who suffer from allergies, asthma, congestive obstructive pulmonary disease and other respiratory tract disorders. Additionally,IQAir air purifying systems have been recognized as the most effective air cleaning devices for fighting the spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome or SARS, a dangerous respiratory infection caused by a new coronavirus for which there was no specific antiviral treatment. IQAir air purifiers are also able to clean the indoor air from cigarette smoke and neutralize different odors; therefore they are used in bars, cafes, nightclubs and restaurants. Since they are portable, easy to use, quiet and energy efficient, IQAir air cleaning devices are more than ideal for private homes, schools and other residential facilities. In medical and pharmaceutical facilities these devices are used in a not-portable mode but are being incorporated in the ceilings, walls of the buildings. The indoor air is said to be a 90% more contaminated with various airborne pollutants than the outdoor air. It makes life of individuals who suffer from allergies or asthma difficult if no air-cleaning device is used in indoor facilities. IQAir air purification systems are indispensable for an effective allergy control.

How to choose the best IQAir air purifier

There are a lot of manufacturers who offer different IQAir air purifiers and therefore it might be difficult to customers to choose the best of them. The main hints in choosing the most suitable IQAir air purification device are high overall effectiveness of the air cleaner and high air delivery. It is highly important to know that no airborne particles and pathogens should be released from the air-cleaning device. Water use in the air-cleaning device reduces the efficiency of such a device, since water induces the growth of mold in the filter. An air purifier should also allow the flow of pollen-free air from the outside, which is especially vital to individuals who suffer from pollen allergy. And finally,the best air purifier should be easy to use and have a low noise level .

Advantages of IQAir air purifier

It is very attractive to customers that IQAir air purifiers have a 5-year warranty, which proves a high quality of a product. Luckily, most of IQAir air purifiers can eliminate airborne particles and pathogens faster and to a lower level than regular air cleaning devices. IQAir air purifying systems can remove not only dust, pollen, mold and other particles but also various bacteria and viruses. This is a big advantage of the device in infection-spread control. Individuals, who suffer from asthma, might also need an efficient control of gaseous pollutants and odors, since these individuals might also be sensitized with gaseous allergens and odors. Two different IQAir air purifiers are to be used then, in order to provide the best control of both organic allergens and gaseous contaminants. IQAir air purifiers are used also in commercial objects due to their high efficiency in removing dust, mold, pollen, bacteria and odors. A cigarette smoke control is needed in most cafes and restaurants as well as in bars and nightclubs, and IQAir air purifiers are indispensable there. IQAir air purifiers guaranty a Swiss precision and American work efficiency. It is exceptional that every single air filter used in IQAir air purifier is manufactured and not bought from mass-market suppliers. Therefore every filter of the kind is tested in the factory for quality and efficiency, and only then is released into market to make sure that the air cleaner performs precisely as promised. All IQAir air purifiers have the ability to set the device go on and off automatically, which makes them easy to use. When the price of a product is concerned, it is not the cheapest air cleaning device but IQAir air purifier offers the most value for a spent amount of money. All the mentioned advantages of IQAir air purifiers make them also available for residential environments to provide a cleaner, free of airborne pollutants and allergens indoor air. Not all the air purifiers are the same.

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